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Light intensity recordings forming a suitable Illuminair.  www.Thats.Pink   www.Umail.Center  Ranch.Furniture - a computer projecting holograms or a Hologram Computer.
Holograms are three - dimensional images made from light intensity recordings thus forming a suitable Illuminair.  The image position changes as the alignment of the viewing system changes; in other words, the three - dimensional object becomes tangible in appearance. – high end patio furniture using Colorado River willow and olde world craftsmanship.
Fancy Willow offers the finest handcrafted personally selected western patio furniture.  Our sturdy and rugged outdoor furniture, adds a great touch to any decor - we make anything of willow.  We have created many of our own designs and welcome wholesale and custom orders. - Helping companies in the AMERICAS Expand.
Acquire the knowledge, products and services to prosper your business or negocio. - Colorado River Adobe Bricks.
Colorado River Adobe Bricks - All your adobe brick products in one place - including INSTALLATION. - The World of High Tech Business is Changing.  What is MobiAq?
MobiAq is a hand-held computer device that transmits holograms which are three-dimensional images made from light intensity recordings thus forming a suitable Illuminair by touch. - About
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